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[The Oslo Corpus of Bosnian Texts]

The Oslo Corpus of Bosnian Texts was compiled at the University of Oslo, as a joint project between the Department for East European and Oriental Studies and the Text Laboratory, and encoded in the IMS Corpus Workbench developed at the Institut fur Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung at the University of Stuttgart.

In order to get access to it, you have to agree to abide by the three conditions below. You'll be given a username and password that will allow you to use the corpus freely. You yourself choose both, as indicated in the form below. Don't use your private system passwords, the Bosnian Corpus password is not as secure and should only be used to access the Bosnian corpus!

It is possible that we will monitor queries made by users so that we get feedback for improving the system.

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  1. I agree to use the Oslo Corpus of Bosnian Texts for research purposes only
  2. I promise not to distribute my password to any person or institution
  3. In any published or unpublished material that has benefitted from use of the corpus, I will ensure that a proper reference to the corpus by its name and Internet-address is included.
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