Audio files with Norwegian dialects



When building the Nordic Dialect Corpus the Text Laboratory got access to some audio files with older and newer Norwegian dialects. There are recordings of Norwegian spoken in America and there are recordings of Norwegian spoken in different parts of Norway.

At the moment we don't have funding to transcribe the files and put them in to the Nordic Dialect Corpus, but through this page, you can get an overview of the files, and listen to their content.


The files are available for research. To get access, use the username and password you normally use for the spoken language corpora at the Text Laboratory. If you don't have a username and password, please register here.

You can listen to the following audio files:


Recordings from Norwegian-American informants:

See an overwiev on the Norwegian in America web pages


TAUS - The spoken language investigation in Oslo - the B part

Recordings with informants from Oslo east and Oslo west from the beginning of 1970.


Old recordings from Norway

Trysil: Informant Karl C. Moen (1964 - 1965)*

Lommedalen: Recordings with 9 persons (1962, 1963 and 1974)*
Høvik: Recordings with postal worker Thor Westye Eriksen (1985)*


Other audio files

Recordings from Lunde in Telemark by Jon Anders Halvorsen and Kristian I. Hanto, Mayi 2013.

Recordings from Lunde in Telemark by Jon Anders Halvorsen and Kristian I. Hanto, April 2014.

Recordings from N'CLAV workshop on Bornholm in November 2012 *

NORMS-workshop in Oppdal og Surnadal (April 2010)*

Recordings from the NORMs-workshop in Älvdalen/Dalerna spring 2007

Test sentences for retroflexes with EPG and EMA by Hanne Gram Simonsen and Inger Moen
(jf Simonsen, H.G., I. Moen og S. Cowen. Norwegian retroflex stops in a cross linguistic perspective. Journal of Phonetics. 2008. Contact Hanne Gram Simonsen ( to get username and password).

* Web page in Norwegian



Norwegian Speech Corpora


Nordic Dialect Corpus and Syntax Database




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