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Search Facilities

Version 3.o of the corpus war ready September 2017 with 16 new informants from Iceland and 24 from Sweden and Swedia2000.

Version 2.0 of the corpus was ready April 2017 with a new search interface.
For the time being there are no search interface documentation for this version.

Read the old search interface documentation
Read the search interface documentation for the NORINT Corpus (in Norwegian)

Some features:
• a user-friendy search-interface
• search by one or more words, parts of words or grammatical categories or combinations of these
• search by standard orthography for all languages
• search by phonetic-like transcription (Norwegian, and some Swedish)
• search by informant age or recording year
• search by informant gender, place, country
• choose results as concordances in standard orthography or phonetic-like transcription
• show results statistics; collocations and counts
• show results as maps
• download hits

Version 1.0 of the corpus was ready November 2011.
Version 1.1 of the corpus contains speech data from 821 informants from 228 places with 2 824 585 words, unevenly spread between the five countries.