TAUS - The spoken language investigation in Oslo

The material from TAUS (The spoken language investigation in Oslo) is based on informal interviews with people from Oslo. The interviews were made in 1971-73. The informants are from two eastern districts (Vålerenga and Kampen) and a western (Frogner), and have a social background that can be considered representative with respect to education, occupation and place of adolescence. The informants fall into two groups based on age: youth (15 - 17 years) and adults (34 - 75).

The topics for the interviews are experiences and descriptions from childhood and adolescence. The interviews were conducted at home with an unceremoniously and informal tone, so that the linguistic style can be described as informal vernacular.

In 2006 - 2007 the TAUS-tapes were digitized, and all the interviews were transcribed orthographically and linked to the digital audio files. The transcriptions are searchable via the search interface Glossa.

TAUS now uses the new version of Glossa, a search and post-processing tool developed by the Text Laboratory.
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