In order to gain access to the Ruija Corpus, please copy the following form, fill it in, and send it by e-mail to We would also like a brief description of what you intend to use the corpus for, i.e., what research question(s) the material is needed for, and whether the investigation(s) will be part of a dissertation or course work.

If your application is granted, you will be notified by e-mail.


Affiliation (university/department):



1. I promise to use the corpus solely for academic, non-commercial purposes.
2. I promise not to copy and/or distribute the corpus texts.
3. I promise to keep my password strictly confidential, and will not pass it on to any institution or person.
4. I will always refer to the corpus by name and URL in all published as well as unpublished material produced on the basis of, or with the aid of, corpus material from the Ruija Corpus.

The purpose of using the corpus: