Einar Haugen's recordings from 1935 — 1948

The recordings were made by Einar Haugen and Magne Oftedal in the period 1935 — 1948. Haugen and Oftedal visited Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. They recorded about 229 informants distributed on 105 tapes. The tapes are divided into 8 dvds digitized by the National Library where the 105 tapes also are stored. We also got our copies from the National Library.

The National Library informs that in 1995 they made a deal with NTNU (then UBT) to secure and copy the 105 tapes. The tapes were in 1996 copied into two sets of CDs, one for UBT and one for the National Library collection in Rana (NBR). The agreement provides NBR the right to make the tapes public and distribute the material for research and documentation purposes.

Lists of recordings and informants
Along with the recordings the National Library also received two lists. These are scanned and image files are located together with the audio files below. One list contains the names of informants, date of recording and where in Norway the informant originated, see the files "Haugen informanter01" — "Haugen informanter10".

The second list tells for each tape which original disc that have been copied and the noise filtering used. In 1968 notes were written on this list that claims that not all the numbers on the list agrees with the tapes as received, see "Haugen informanter11" — "Haugen informanter18".

It follows from the first list that the recordings were made on discs by Einar Haugen and Magne Oftedal in the period 1935 — 1948, most in 1942. in 1966 the recordings were copied to tapes at Indiana University for the Archives of the Languages of the World. One set was made to this archive, the other set to Einar Haugen. In 1969, cassette copies were made at Harvard Audio Laboratory of Martha Richardson for Inger Moen at the Department of English, University of Oslo. 82 recpordings are on the list marked "T", which means they are transcribed by Einar Haugen and Magne Oftedal.

Arnstein Hjelde (Østfold University College) have listened through the first two dvds and found out who speaks on the various recordings. The audio bites on these CDs are then named based on this information. The information from Hjelde can also be found in the file "Informant-oversikt/Haugen_dvd1-2.xls".

We have also got the typed transcripts of the recordings. The transcriptions have been scanned and can be read below as PDF files.

Listen to the recordings:

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