Recordings on waxed cylinders from Seip and Selmer

A series of recordings using waxed cylinders was done by the Oslo-based scholars Didrik Arup Seip (1884-1963) and Ernst W. Selmer (1890-1971), in 1931. The recordings were handed over to Hallvard Dørum by Einar Haugen. Later, the waxed cylinders were copied onto the three audio tapes, at the initiative of Hallvard Dørum and Tor Nesje. The work was done by Swedish Radio. In 2009, Hallvard Dørum handed the tapes to Janne Bondi Johannessen, and they were copied onto a DVD by Tore Kielland Bull and Per Igland at the UiO. After this, the files have been put onto a server at the Text Laboratory, ILN, UiO.

Detailed typed information about the recordings are scanned and can be found in the directory Informant-informasjon below. The typed notes are originally written by Seip and Selmer. Einar Haugen made this clean copy.

The notes contain:

  1. Informants on containers from Seip og Selmer (informantliste.pdf)
  2. Informants sequence Ch (9 informants in informantinfo1.pdf)
  3. Informants sequence FON (58 informants in informantinfo2.pdf)
  4. Informants sequence A (34 informants in informantinfo3.pdf)
  5. Informants sequence GRAM (248 informants, scanned version not available yet)


Listen to the recordings:

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